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Where I found God Today

Updated: Aug 16, 2018

…in making and fixing things

I enjoy making things. Recently I picked up the needle and felt and stitched up some dolls for Christmas presents.

The slow work of creating something with my hands always gives me a pause.

No matter the imperfections, the longer and more complicated the project is the more I notice myself growing attached and fond of the piece of craft I am making. It starts to almost feel as if I am building a relationship with my work.

The amount of freedom of choice and one-of-a-kindness draws me to connect with my Maker. I start noticing my heart to interact with my loving Father as I meditate on how much more God found delight, affection and joy in making me – carefully crafting me into the person he dreamt in his heart. Then finally one day, after saying ‘It is very good’, the moment of ‘tadaa!’ arrived and he presented me to the world. Similarly, I can’t wait to see those little faces on a Christmas Eve when they unwrap these dolls that I made.

But then, once in a while things break around the house too.

I have found that often times, although fixing isn’t as an inspiring and a fun process to me, it nudges something even deeper in my soul than making things.

Recently some of my favorite dessert bowls broke, and even though I knew they cannot be fixed to their original use, I wasn’t ready to dismiss them off to the rubbish bin.

As I was gluing the broken pieces together (i.e. patiently holding two pieces together until the glue solidified and I could move on to the next), I couldn’t help the tears welling up in my eyes as I thought about how committed and patient God is in his restorative, healing work in my life. He doesn’t get frustrated or lose interest but finds a deep joy in redeeming and reconciling all pieces of my life back to himself. He sees beyond the old vessel and looks forward to the new creation that he is making. Such a hope. Such a Love!

These dessert bowls ended up as tea light holders. The cracks of missing pieces provide a beautiful way for more light to come out.

I wish you a peaceful beginning of the Advent Season as you wait for the increasing of the Light in your life, family and world.

I was inspired to write this meditation by a series 'Where I Found God Today' on Pathways to God website. If you want to read others' stories of God in the daily life head to their site!

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