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Terms & Conditions


By engaging in Spiritual Direction relationship with me (Kaisa Stenberg-Lee) at Kutsu Companions, LLC, you affirm that you understand that the service provided is spiritual and not psychological in nature. I am not a therapist or a life coach, nor do I provide such services. I won’t give you a relationship, medical, financial, or career counsel and any decisions and actions you may take in regard to them are completely your responsibility. 

I have made every effort to ensure that all content of this site and information given in the resources that I publish (ebooks, videos, tactile tools, and blog posts) are accurate and safe, but cannot accept liability, whether direct or consequential, however arising.

Information provided on this site and related to my services (spiritual direction, workshops, and retreats) is subject to change. 


Kutsu Companions, LLC reserves all rights to the content of this site and the resources made available on this site. No part of the content may be reproduced, resold, or published in any form or by any means (including but not limited to digital platforms) without the author's written permission. The products and services made available on this site are intended for educational, and your personal use only. 

Privacy Policy

Kutsu Companions, LLC collects your name and email address when you opt in to the email list (either by subscribing via the link here, or by contacting me via the contact form, or requesting to be added to my mailing list at one of the events or workshops I offer). You can opt-out when ever, and every newsletter I send contains a link for you to be able to unsubscribe. 

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the terms and conditions above, please do not hesitate to contact me!

Thank you for your trust and understanding. 

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