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spiritual Direction


I am currently on maternity leave (since October 2021). I do not offer spiritual direction at the moment. If you want to know when I am available again, please sign up to my mailing list for updates. In the meanwhile, you will find a list of recommended spiritual directors here

Spiritual Direction is an ancient practice that has enriched  the church across the centuries around the world. The purpose of spiritual direction is to accompany individuals in their lives with God for their growth, wholeness, and joy for the sake of the world.

I like to describe myself as a Spiritual Director with the phrase a Companion on the Spiritual Path.

A path is a part of the journey. First of all, I don’t know, neither will I ever know the whole of your life journey, but perhaps you will allow me to join a patch of the path you are on right now. Maybe it’s a part of the path that’s rocky, or new and has signs to all directions and you don’t know which one to take, or there seems to be a wall on the way that feels too high to climb over by yourself.

By the term spiritual I don’t only mean the ‘soulful’ part of life but rather all of life. All parts of our lives in God are spiritual: work, rest, relationships, emotions, health, and all. Paying attention to every aspect of our human experience opens up possibilities of meeting with God through and in all of it. 

A companion is someone who joins the other along on the path they are traveling. The companion is not deciding what the path looks like or where it is taking you, but simply coming along with you and perhaps helping you notice something new about your path - see familiar scenes differently, have the courage to accept an invitation or receive a gift along the way, or adapt the pace you are heading.


Simply put: It is my desire to offer companionship to you on your unique spiritual path, and my prayer is that our times together will give you clarity, hope and courage to keep journeying on. God’s Spirit is our guide and His love our home.

Anyone is invited – A firm believer in God or a seeker of truth, a child or an adult, a veteran pilgrim or a new explorer of 'The Way'; we all need a companion to share our path with.

Every life is sacred and each path unique.

*In this blog entry I write a bit more about who might find Spiritual Direction especially fruitful. 

How does it work?

This time is for you and God.

I ask questions and may offer a Scripture reading, prayer or some exercises to engage your imagination, emotions, body and thoughts in, but you decide what feels right and fruitful for you.

The pace of the conversation is slower than we are used to and silences are a welcomed part of the three-way-conversation between, you, me and God.  


I won’t offer advice or counsel, neither am I a trained psychotherapist. I listen to you and God’s Spirit for traces of God’s work in your normal daily life. I consider our conversations as a prayer, a holy ground where God sits with us as we open up to Him.

You don’t have to come prepared with topics, questions or observations; however, some prefer to spend some time apart reflecting back their time in between our times together.

Our first session is a chance for us to get to know each other, clarify expectations and hopes for our times together, talk about practical details, and for you to get to experience a bit of what Spiritual Direction with me might look like in practice.


I always offer the first session free of charge.
Fees for the following sessions are on a sliding scale (as shown below) and are due the day of our appointment, unless otherwise agreed. Further discounts are available for students, single parents or any others who experience finances as a significant hindrance. We will agree on the fee during the free introduction session. 

My hope is that finances aren't an obstacle for anyone receiving Spiritual Direction. 


Adults $ 50 - $ 75 per session (60 mins) 

Children $ 20 - $ 40 per session (up to 45 mins)

Frequency and Place 

Each session lasts about an hour and we typically meet once a month.

Some people meet for direction only for a short season (4-6 months), some for a life time, and the rest, anything in between.

You can give me feedback whenever you want in between the sessions and we will review our work together every six months.

I offer direction in person at my home in Denver, Colorado (when it is safe), outdoors (e.g. at a prayer labyrinth), and online via Zoom etc. video call platforms. 

If English is not your native language but Dutch or Finnish is, we can use either of those instead.

Please get in touch for further details and scheduling a discovery session by using the contact form below.  

In their words

Image by Jonathan Borba


Kaisa has been a gentle, yet steady companion on my journey with Jesus.  She asks questions that prompt my heart to go deeper into my moments with Jesus.  I'm so thankful to have found her and to have her alongside. 

Gift Wrapped


Working with Kaisa has been a blessing. Her gentle and gracious presence have been especially comforting for my weary heart. My mind is often racing around and Kaisa provides the quiet space for me to slow down and notice God and what He is up to. With her help I am learning to be gentle with myself and to bring more quiet into my life. Her beautiful curiosity is helping me to discover the parts of me that can wonder and imagine.

Image by Priscilla Du Preez


Spiritual direction has been a heart awakening for me. Moving me from round and round thoughts in my head to moments of conversation, exploration, and connectedness with my soul and Christ.

Image by Cathal Mac an Bheatha


I'm so thankful to have Kaisa as my spiritual director. She provides a safe and comfortable environment for me to share what is going on in my life and how God has been speaking to me. I feel more comfortable with myself, and I have experienced God's love and affirmation in deeper ways, especially how she notices certain things, creates space during our time to be silent before God, and uses imaging to help me go deeper with God. Thank you, Kaisa!



“Spiritual direction with Kaisa has drawn out sacred encounters with the divine presence of Jesus at work in my life. I often have trouble in my daily life, slowing down enough to pause and receive. Kaisa's gentle prodding to see where His presence is inviting me to more and to notice has been invaluable to my journey with God and the story He is unfolding in my life.”

Image by Karina Vorozheeva


"Kaisa's spiritual direction is helping me grow closer to God and just understand and appreciate His presence in my everyday life. She provides a calming and safe environment and asks probing questions when needed that stay within the context of that peaceful environment. Kaisa has led me to discover new insights in my faith and help rediscover joy in the Lord and His creation." 



"When we meet, I am mindful that it is a meeting of three: me, Kaisa and God. It is huge for me to feel God’s presence and attention lived out in another person who is focused on me in this space, valuing who I am despite my weakness and pain and sometimes hopelessness, to see that reframed even as beautiful and a gift.

My longings and areas of disappointment are seen through eyes that value them as they are.

… in this season it is wonderful to have her walk beside me as a Director. The difference I feel is in the specific focus on me, attentiveness to who I am and especially how I am responding to God’s presence and leading in my life. Her kindness and gentleness and curiosity represent those same qualities in God’s heart for me. As we meet, I see Him more in that way and I am learning to treat myself more in that light as well."  

Image by Ellieelien


"Spiritual direction with Kaisa has been life-giving to me. I had multiple griefs when we started and it has been so helpful to process that with Jesus as Kaisa guides me in prayer and reflection."



“Engaging in spiritual direction has added a creative nature to my faith and my relationship with God that maybe existed before...but I was not aware of.  Kaisa has helped me integrate imagination and creativity with my faith. Another way spiritual direction has been meaningful is the power of having someone listen to my words and be able to repeat them back to me in a different way that allows me to hear myself more clearly.  Not sure if that makes sense, but Kaisa hears me differently than I hear myself, and that is a gift I was not expecting with spiritual direction. With that, she hears from God differently, and so when a spiritual direction session is a "party of 3", the sharing and thoughtfulness that occurs is powerful.”

Image by DDP


“Spiritual direction sessions with Kaisa are always a highlight of my month. Generally I come with something that has been jumping around in my thoughts. Together with Kaisa we look for different ways we can include God in my thought process. I'm always surprised that God is much more gentle, and kind than I am towards myself. It's been so enriching to have some dedicated time to grow in listening to God and doing life with him. ”

Image by Jessica Furtney


“After a season of exhausting my own attempts to connect with God I began to ask so many questions about my spiritual life. Meeting with Kaisa has helped me to recognize and find joy in the wonder and mystery of life with God. It hasn't answered all my questions. But direction has helped me connect to God in a way that doesn't always rely on answers.”

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