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There are many listening professionals out here who are trained and called to come alongside you on your life's journey. If you are unsure of what form of support best meets your needs and desires at the moment, here are some helpful links.


I know the people who I have listed here personally and I am confident to recommend them to you whole-heartedly. Most of them meet with directees or clients both in person and via online video call. Feel free to contact any of them directly, or I'd be happy to chat with you and co-discern what it is that you are seeking and together we might find the best fit for you. 

Read more about the distinctive characteristics of Spiritual Direction compared to other forms of listening care services here. 

Spiritual Directors

Support for your life of faith and relationship with God.

Melissa Mettler, at OpenAir Collaborative, Portland, OR. Contact Melissa directly at: melissa.mettler [at]
Kristi C Johnson
, Denver, CO. 
Carin Huebner, Denver, CO.

Terra McDaniel, Austin, TX.
Becky Grisell, Greenville, SC. 

Maddy Christine Hope, Media, PA.

Jonny Norridge at Contemplative Space, Nottingham, England.

Aleida Nieuwenhuis and Monique Hoven at Roots, the Netherlands.

Vicki Paulin, New Zealand. Contact Vicki directly at:  hvpaulin [at]

Spiritual Direction Networks

Grafted Life Ministries, a resource for, and network of Spiritual Directors globally which I am a member of.

The Spiritual Directors of Color (SDC) Network, Ltd. A resource and directory of ethnically diverse spiritual directors.

Spiritual Direction International (SDI).


Support for personal growth, career and life(style) changes.

Naomi M. Tucker Enneagram Coach & Teacher, Denver, CO.

Claire Buswell Coaching, Seattle, WA.


Support for inter-personal relationships, mental health and wellbeing.

Naomi Triggs Deboer Counseling, Klaipėda, Lithuania. 

Jesse Huebner at Fodr, Denver, CO.

Gabriel Mitchell at Praxis CounselingDenver, CO. 

Katie Jo Ramsey Therapist, Denver, CO.

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