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Welcome to my growing shop for services and tools that have been designed to nurture your life with God. 
By clicking the buttons below you will be taken to a new page where you can learn more about the service or tool. The buttons below prayer resources will take you to my  Etsy Shop where you can purchase them. All tactile tools are handmade by me from natural, sustainable materials and include custom designed art. Learn more about the tools here


Path of Peace Kit

Path of Peace is an imaginative prayer tool that helps you to listen to the voice of your Good Shepherd. The kit includes a patchwork finger labyrinth, illustrated prayer card, and a set of materials for open-ended art and play.


Peace Beads e-Book 

Peace Beads is a listening tool for all ages. This hands-on book explores beads as a resource for prayer and reflection. It includes a prayer guide, DIY bead crafting tutorials, and printable support material.


DIY The Lord's Prayer


This hand painted printable art illustrates beautifully the prayer Jesus taught his disciples. The download can be used to make unique paper or fabric garlands. Use the art prints as a coloring prayer, or trace the art on fabric to create stunning keepsake embroidery or painted prayer garlands. 

Image by Sincerely Media

Soul Care Retreat


Soul Care Online Retreats are guided group gatherings that offer space for you to listen to your longings & integrate creativity with your spiritual life. The retreats take place online, one of the last Saturdays of the month.


Praying with Body


This free digital resource includes four prayer practices that help you to listen to your body with God. Illustrated body outlines (both child and adult) help you to grow in the awareness of the physical sensations of your body and what God might be speaking to you through them. One of the prayer guides combines breath prayer with essential oils. 

IMG_9439 (1).JPG

Felt-Peace Kit

Felt-Peace invites you to experience God's felt affection and guides you to listen to your body's felt-senses. 
The kit includes an aromatherapeutic eye pillow, a doll, restorative pose and breath prayer cards, and illustrated card for a guided prayer. The prayer card and Felt-Peace doll can be purchased separately.


Prince of Peace Kit

Prince of Peace prayer tool will spur your imagination to step into the story of following the star to meet the promised Prince of Peace, the God who came to be with his people. The Kit includes 3 unique keepsake felt ornaments, story mat, printed prayer guide and a digital prayer & craft resource. 

IMG_6711 (2).JPG

Children Love Silence

I created this e-guide and printable to help you nurture prayerful silence in the lives of children. Download for free when you subscribe for my newsletter or buy in my shop.

Image by Henry Desro

Season Retreat


Soul Care Season Retreats help you to embrace the rhythms of the seasons as a part of your spiritual life. These 3-hr retreats take place outdoors in Denver metro area. They are guided by two trained spiritual directors, and the fee includes art materials and light refreshments. 


Path of Peace


Path of Peace digital guide includes four guided prayers: Prayer Labyrinth, Lectio Divina, Visio Divina and Terra Divina, as well as conversation tools, imaginative prayer prompts and visuals. This timeless resource is ideal for those who want to experience ancient contemplative prayer practices in a playful and creative way, either alone or with others.


Peace Bead Kit

Peace Beads is a listening tool for all ages. The complete kit includes a selection of naturally dyed beads, beading cord, a drawstring pouch and a prayer card to accompany your prayer with the beads. An individual set of beads and the prayer card can be purchased separately.


Prince of Peace 

Prince of Peace prayer resource invites you on a journey of wonder of Christmas. The digital resource includes guided prayer, printable ornaments, and step-by-step sewing tutorials and patterns for making your own felt ornaments as featured in Prince of Peace Kit.

Image by Annie Spratt

Spiritual Direction

sliding scale

One-on-one Spiritual Direction session offers you an opportunity to pause, listen to the voice of God, notice your own soul, and be accompanied in your life with God. I work with both children and adults. Rates for an adult's session are on a sliding scale $50 - $75 (60 mins) and a child's session $20 - $40 (up to 45 mins).


Praying Hands Circles

sliding scale 

Praying Hands Circles are creative, contemplative prayer and listening experiences for 6-12-year-olds and their families. During the gathering a spiritual director will guide the children (and adults) to a prayerful silence paired or followed by a sensory practice and a time of sharing. Please get in touch for inquiries. 


Peace Beads


Peace Beads prayer guide is inspired by Ignatian prayer of examen. It will guide you to review your day with God using creative prompts and art. You can use this prayer guide with beads or without them. This free guide includes an expansive list of questions that can be used to deepen the practice of daily or seasonal prayer of examen.

*The free digital resources are designed for your personal and educational use only. Kutsu Companions reserves all rights to the content of the guides. No part of the content may be reproduced, sold, or published in any form or by any means (including but not limited to digital platforms) without author's written permission. Read more about copyrights, liability, terms and conditions here.

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