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Soul Care



for groups

Besides offering one-on-one Spiritual Direction to all ages, I also enjoy facilitating retreats, workshops and seminars.


Some examples of these are: 


  • Soul Care Retreats. You could call these mini retreats "checkpoints" or "rhythms" for your spiritual life. They help you to become aware of the spiritual landscape of your life, how you and God are getting along, and what your inner-life is like. There are many tools and practices to assist us to tend to our souls and to cultivate a habit of rest. Some examples of these are, spiritual awareness assessment, guided imaginative prayer, (visual) journaling, spiritual pathways assessment, work with the  Enneagram and discernment exercises. Especially great times for a soul care retreats are seasons of transition (transitions between seasons, life stages, jobs, location, family roles etc.) Read more about Soul Care Retreats here.


  • Prayer & Listening Circles for Children. These guided gatherings are aimed to help nurture children's relationship with the loving Father God. During the workshops children are invited to try out creative, hands-on prayer practices that engage all senses, and are contemplative in nature. Although whole-person prayer practices are especially accessible to children, youth and families, anyone can benefit from art and movement as means to connect with their inner-lives and God. 

  • Teaching and Consulting. I am happy to come to speak at your retreat, event, leaders' gathering, church service, small group or conference. 

Examples of the topics include: 

– The Enneagram as a spiritual tool

– Spiritual direction and friendships as forms of soul care

– Embodied, contemplative prayer practices

– Intergenerational spiritual formation and children's spirituality


 I also work with ministry leaders and pastors one-on-one in developing strategies for wholistic faith formation and   soul care in their churches. 

The fees for workshops, retreats, consulting, courses and single speaking engagements vary depending on your unique setting and requests. Please contact me via the form below to start a conversation.

Feel free to contact me for any questions and requests. I would love to talk and find out the best way to serve you and your family or community. 

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