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companions on the spiritual path

Kutsu Companions is an invitation to
spiritual accompaniment
and a call to praying life.
What does 'Kutsu' mean?

‘Kutsu’ is a Finnish word which means an invitation and a call.

God has been inviting us into a life of love and friendship with Himself since we were born, every day, in thousand ways. And He still does. Jesus calls us His friends and then, to follow Him.  

Kutsu Companions is an invitation to:

  • Seek depth and meaning in the midst of the chaos and beauty of life.

  • Explore and be curious about your spirituality, prayer, and God.

  • Pause and be present to self (mind, body, soul) and God in the here and now.

  • Cultivate habits for nurtured, mindful, Christ-centered life.

Kutsu Companions Spiritual Direction, Workshops, and Resources aim to accompany you on your path of noticing God's divine, loving invitations in your daily life and create space for you to respond to Him in ways that lead to a growing love for the Father. 

No matter who you are or where you find yourself, I believe that all of us can benefit from an intentional spiritual companion, a trained listener, who listens to us and the voice of God with us.

If you are interested in hearing more about how this could look like in your life, feel free to read on and get in touch with me. 

I would be honored to share in your journey.

Kaisa Stenberg-Lee


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