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the Spiritual 

Peaceful Childhood

4-week Journey of Deepening Spiritual Awareness for Educators 

I am thrilled to be offering my first online course especially designed for educators!

What You Can Expect:

  • Weekly 1,5hr interactive group video call with a guided spiritual practice. 

  • Digital spiritual journal with question prompts, creative practices and inspirational reflections for both the adults and children.

  • Intimate, safe community of like-hearted educators* to share your journey with.

  • Option of continuing your exploration through 1:1 spiritual direction sessions**

Topics Include: 

  • Childhood Spirituality & The Inner Child

  • Holistic Spirituality: Body-Mind-Spirit Union 

  • Childlike Spiritual Practices: Play, Wonder and Imagination

  • Silence & Stillness: Rhythms for Nurtured Spiritual Life 

Children and Teacher in Kindergarten

"The real preparation for education is a study of one's self. The training of the teacher who is to help life is something far more than a learning of ideas. It includes the training of character, it is a preparation of the spirit."

   -- Maria Montessori

Dates: TBA
4-week online course & digital spiritual journal $125

*This course is designed for school teachers, homeschooling parents, children's pastors or ministry leaders, school chaplains, extra curricular teachers, and others whose vocation is the education of children and/or young people.


**Private spiritual direction sessions are available for additional fee. Read more about spiritual direction with me here.

Teacher with Pupils

Why am I offering this course?


I know that being an educator is costly. 

I have worked in-and-out of classroom the past decade in various educational roles, and as a soul care provider I have experienced both the incredible opportunity and the challenge for the spiritual nurturing of children in learning environments.


Manu children and adults in the educational settings often long for more connectedness, peace, experiences of deep meaning, and space for their souls to be listened to and nourished. 

Is this course for you?

If you see your role as an educator more than merely as someone who is teaching measurable skills and core curriculum, then most likely this course is for you! 


Anyone who desires to make space for the soul of the child to flourish and express itself will find resonance, encouragement and community on this course.


It does not matter whether you are affiliated with a particular faith tradition or not, as long as you are spiritually curious and open to respectfully welcome others as your companions, regardless of where they might be on their personal spiritual journey. 

Lastly, this course is not only for those who want to learn to better welcome the whole child, mind-body-spirit, in their classrooms, but also for those who long for their own souls to be nurtured and refreshed. 

Register to Course
Please fill out the form below to register. I will confirm your submission and provide payment details. Your registration is complete once I have received your payment of $125 for the course.

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