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'Deaf Child' Road Sign

On my way back from the grocery store I often pass a road sign that says ‘DEAF CHILD’. Seeing the sign always gives me a pause and makes me more alert. I have never seen a child or children playing outside on the road where the sign is placed, but it always catches my attention.

Just the other day, as again I biked pass the sign, a thought came to mind. That road sign, and in effect the  child who it is there to protect, is to me like God’s gentle nudge to slow down, be present and notice the life around me. It reminds me to listen and look more carefully. It reminds me that God is inviting me into a silent communion, a relationship beyond words, a life of faith, love, trust and surrender that needs to be seen, not just talked about. Perhaps too God is calling me, as a spiritual companion to others, just like that road sign, to be a reminder of paying attention, slowing down, taking care not to miss the gift of God’s silent loving communication to us on the busy roads of life that we travel.

What this week has given you a pause to notice and become more aware of yourself, God, and others around you?

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