"Every newborn comes into the world looking for someone looking for her."

― Curt Thompson, the Soul of Shame

path of Peace

Felt-Peace is a tool that helps you to experience God's delight in you and listen to your body's felt-senses. 

We were made to experience and feel God's affectionate love for us. Our bodies are precious treasures that help us to draw close to a loving God in a felt way.


God speaks to us through the different felt-senses that we experience in our bodies. We can learn to listen to those felt-senses, emotions, and the stories they hold. Felt-Peace tool aims to accompany you on your path of learning to pray with your body and experience God's loving care through all your senses. All ages will delight in this tender, imaginative tactile tool.

Felt-Peace Kit Includes:

  • Handmade aromatherapy eye pillow. The pillow is filled with flax seeds and dried lavender buds and is hidden in a soft, breathable Japanese cotton sleeve (approx. 4" x 9"), which also makes a handy pocket for a doll, breath prayer cards etc. small treasures.

  • One-of-a-kind handmade Felt-Peace art doll. The doll is filled with natural 100% cotton.

  • Custom designed art print prayer card (5" x 7") with a guided prayer on the backside. 

  • 8 illustrated restorative pose & breath prayer cards. 

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Below you can find blog posts that explore various uses for Felt-Peace Kit.


Essential oils can be used to enhance and support your life with God and others. This article includes a prayer practice that invites you to listen to your body and God through your senses. 

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This art reflection invites you to prayerfully consider your whole life journey, beginning from your early formation. 

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Breath Prayer is an ancient way of praying that combines a word or a short prayer phrase with the rhythm of your breathing cycle. 

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The foundation for faith and the language of prayer are learned in the early childhood. This article explores some of the core elements of prayer: love, trust and being known, and how infants absorb these lessons. 

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